Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Whew! I am tired!

Today was a typical day...most people think that artists come to their studio and just sit and paint all day long...i wish! Since I manage my own studio, painting commisions for clients and run The Tulsa Girls Art School Project (TGAS) in Tulsa, OK...I find myself running two races at the same time! Today I did paint some wonderful urban scenes but also had to field calls for TGAS and also write a grant while waiting for layers to dry... I am very happy with my work- i just wish that days were longer and I actually had that verizon wireless (Can u hear me now?)team behind me helping the work load! During class today, some of my students were swapping some grizzly "grosser than gross" stories....I forgot how teens like to play gross out! It is now almost 9pm and I am going eyes are getting tired- but I will hit it hard tommorrow- I have a show hanging in 2 days!


  1. Thank you for being such an asset to animal rescue and the community!